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Is Oatly making bigger packages?

I am a massive fan of Oatley & buy it regularly for home & for the office. It is delicious & sustainable & local. But what bothers me is that even with just two of us at home we almost get through 1 carton per day. How many will we get through when we have a family? What a tremendous amount of waste! I really do find it counterproductive for a company who is currently using its carbon footprint as a USP, not to offer 1.5 & 2L cartons. When oh when will I be able to purchase a larger carton????
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  • Hi Heather!

    We are glad to hear that you are a massive fan and that we are a part of your everyday life.

    Today we have 1 L packages because that's often the standard size in Europe. However we do agree that it would be useful with bigger cartons when drinking a lot of our oat drinks.  

    We will make sure to forward your wish to our Innovation department!

    Please write to us again if you have more ideas or thoughts!

    All the best,
  • Myself I am  big fan of the deluxe one and i drink very often. I moved into oat milk because of less carbon footprint, good taste and against the cattle farming. It would very good for the environment and consumer with a 2 l pack or bigger because of long shelf life. When can we expect a 2 l pack or big ones?
  • Hi Anoop,

    Thank you for your input. So glad to hear you're liking our oat drink deluxe!

    Completely see where you're coming from regarding bigger packages and caring for the environment. As of right now we unfortunately don't have the equipment needed to produce larger packages in our factory in Sweden. We have however been able to launch the bigger packages in the US. I will definitely make sure to pass your suggestion on to our Innovation Department as well and hopefully we can make it happen in the future!

    Furthermore when it comes to packaging and sustainability, our current aim is to increase the amount of renewable content. Today we are at 82% renewable content for our total product portfolio, and we work intensively with our suppliers to increase this to 100% long term.

    Hope this gave some meaning! If you have any other questions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to let us know.

    All the best,
  • I love oatly, it is my favourite brand of oat milk, plus oat milk is my favourite plant-based alternative.
    A recipe for a very happy consumer.

    However, I do seem to get through it quite quickly and I am conscious of how much waste a 1-litre carton creates.
    I would really appreciate a larger option and I am sure this should also reduce costs for you guys?
    Seems like a win-win situation!
    Not hugely radical.
    I mean you guys made a pear favoured oat milk...
    A 2-litre carton isn't as wild as that

  • Hi Verity, thanks for the feedback and input. Larger packaging is a common request for us, and our product developers are well aware of this. It isn’t that easy as one might think I’m afraid, we would have to rebuild our factory a bit and buy new machines. The good news is that we are rebuilding and expanding the factory all the time so who knows what the future might bring. In the meantime, we’re focusing on getting our packaging made by an even higher percent of renewable material. We’re at 84% today.

    All the best,

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