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(From post: reusable glass bottles) Bigger cartons?

I was wondering if on the topic of wasting less/more sustainable packaging, if a 2L or 5L carton could be produced. Since whenever I go to the shops I buy at least two, because one just isn't enough for me.


  • Hey Joe!
    Larger packaging is a common request and our product developers are well aware of this. We would have to rebuild our factory a bit and buy new machines to make this possible. The good news is that we are rebuilding and expanding the factory all the time so who knows what the future might bring. In the meantime, we’re focusing on getting our packaging made by an even higher percent of renewable material. We’re at 84% today. I will forward your thoughts to the product developing team to let them know one more persone is asking for larger packages.

    All the best,

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