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Varför har ni accepterat Blackstone som ny investerare?


Är sedan länge en av era konsumenter. Dock har detta ändrats sedan jag insåg att ni nu har accepterat Blackstone som investerare med plats i er styrelse. Förstår verkligen inte hur ni tänker? En större miljöbov får man leta efter med mikroskop och lykta! Djupt besviken på ert dåliga omdöme i denna frågan.
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  • Hej Anders!

    Tack för att du hör av dig och berättar hur du känner. Det är trist att höra om din besvikelse på oss, och vi är tacksamma för att du varit en supporter så länge!

    Så här tänker vi: Vi ser oss som en (om än liten) del av lösningen på klimatfrågan, eftersom vi erbjuder havrebaserade produkter med långt lägre klimatpåverkan än mejeriernas dito. Fler och fler människor väljer växtbaserat idag, vilket såklart är positivt! Men om vi vill skapa skillnad på riktigt, måste fler med på tåget.

    Blackstone har investerat i oss för att de tror på vårt uppdrag och det vi vill åstadkomma. Och om den här investeringen är framgångsrik (vilket blir upp till oss att bevisa) skickar den viktiga signaler till finansbranschen; att världen är på väg i en ny, hållbar riktning!

    Vi på Oatly har inte tagit oss dit vi är idag på att göra konventionella val och vi hoppas verkligen att vi lyckas motbevisa alla som nu är besvikna på oss och att vi snart kan mötas igen som vänner. Vi delar trots allt samma mål!

    Tack återigen och hoppas du hittar ett annat växtbaserat märke som du kan känna dig bekväm med. Hör av dig om du har fler frågor!

    Allt gott!
  • Hello team,

    To echo the sentiments shared above, we have been huge Oatly fans and drinkers ever since we moved to Sweden several years ago - we're a 3 cartons a week kind of household. However, we can no longer in good conscience continue to purchase Oatly when we know that Oatly's increased success and revenues (which we do want) will also end up benefitting Blackstone (which we do not want), as this only enables them to further grow and invest in their other environmentally and socially destructive ventures. 

    As a result of Blackstone's investment, we, our friends, and even our workplaces have switched to other brands of oat milk. We strongly urge the Oatly team to reconsider Blackstone's investment and buy back their share. Oatly is amazing, and there are surely many other global investors Oatly can raise money from that aren't committed to destroying our planet. We would love to be able to support Oatly once again in the future.

    Please let us know, thanks.
  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us to share your thoughts. It really makes us happy to hear that you have been Oatly fans for several years!

    Let us guarantee you that we’re still the same Oatly that we’ve always been. When you’re supporting us, you’re supporting our mission to speed up the global shift towards plant-based to combat the climate challenges we’re facing. You’re supporting a sustainable company. All the money that comes in goes straight back into the company, like it has always been doing. We’re putting a lot of money towards research and sustainability work all around the globe. While the dairy industry gets tons of money from governments, we don’t. That’s why we haven’t made any profit the last couple of years and probably won’t in the coming years either.

    This is our chance to show that companies with sustainability as their focus not only are commercially sustainable but also strategic investments for our future. When this investment proves to be a major success, we believe that Blackstone and other big investors will be encouraged to spend more on green investments. Just to be clear, we cannot take responsibility for our investor’s previous investments. We are where we are today because we are a value driven company with sustainability as our main priority and that will definitely not change going forward. We don’t think that stop buying products from a company that works hard for sustainability and the global change towards more plant-based will help the cause. It’s highly unlikely that our investors will continue to invest in sustainable companies if Oatly fails and they lose their money.

    But after all, it is of course your choice. If you choose to leave us, we would like to thank you for your time with us and wish you good luck finding another plant-based product that works for you. We hope you’ll at least stick around to follow our work towards a better planet. You’re always welcome back!

    All the best,
  • Hi team,

    read in the media, that Blackstone bought 10 % of your company and chinese government holds 40 %. When i buy your product, 50 % of the money will get to people, who are highly involved in firms, that are responsible for exploitation and destruction of man, animals and the whole planet.

    Like many others, i stopped drinking milk and i stopped eating meat, because i no longer wanted to support this kind of economy.

    Seems to me that if i buy your products, only 50 percent of my goal will be achieved. I think i can do better ...

  • Hi Nor,

    thanks for your input!

    By buying our products, the one thing you support is the plant-based movement. Just as you mention, the economy - the money - needs to shift towards sustainable ventures. If not our company, what other company would you like these big players you mention to invest in? It's time for these companies in the world to start seeing sustainable ventures as something worthwhile investing in!

    What all our owners have in common, is that they offered us capital so that we'll be able to expand and further our cause; the necessary shift from animal based production and consumption towards more plant-based. We promise to do good things with that money and if you'd like to learn what we've done so far as well as our plans ahead, please have a look in our Sustainability Report. Then you can make up your mind whether we are something you'd like to support or not.

    Any questions, we're happy to chat!

    All the best,

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